Our Story

Scout, the Westie from Scout's Barkery


Scout, my spunky Westie, was less than a year old when I learned of his many food allergies. He was itching all the time and consistently had irritated skin. With the help of some amazing local vets and some eliminations from Scout's diet, it was determined that he was allergic to chicken, beef, and dairy.
Then began the search for food and treats. Finding a healthy, limited ingredient food wasn't very difficult, but I couldn't believe how few options there were when it came to allergy-friendly treats. It seemed like every treat contained an allergen. I became meticulous about reading the ingredient labels and even reached out to several brands to ask about certain ingredients because allergens were often snuck into the "gelatin" or "natural flavoring" even when the treats seemed safe otherwise! When I finally found an allergy-friendly treat, there were preservatives, ingredients that I couldn't even pronounce, or pointless ingredients like salt and sugar which are both unhealthy and unnecessary. Sound familiar for those of you who also have allergic pups? I just couldn't understand why hardly any brands were catering to these pups, I mean they deserve healthy, delicious treats too! Why were they being left out?

A Business in the Making...

I wanted to make life better for dogs with food allergies & their parents by giving them more options when it came to healthy treats. So I started making my own! I researched ingredients and began baking treats in my home kitchen, using only simple, organic ingredients that I felt good about giving Scout. I had a few goals: for the treats to be free of common allergens (no chicken, beef, dairy, eggs, or grain), free of anything artificial or unnecessary, and last but not least, fun! Because healthy shouldn't mean boring! Why have plain peanut butter treats when you can have PB + J? And why have pumpkin treats when you can have Pumpkin Spice? :) Scout loved my treat creations and started preferring them to the store-bought treats (which we no longer buy anymore!)
I knew that I couldn't be the only dog parent dealing with this, so Scout's Barkery was born! We are a very small team... just me and Scout! I personally hand-roll, hand-cut, and package every treat that goes out to your pups. Scout oversees operations, approves all recipes, and makes sure I’m doing my job :)  

One Less Thing to Worry About.

Let us take the stress off finding healthy, allergy-friendly treats for your pup! I want to help you find treats that you can feel good about giving your allergic pup because I've been that dog parent frustrated over ingredient labels!

All Inclusive.

Even dogs who don't have food allergies can enjoy our treats as they are simply clean & healthy and created to be inclusive of all pups! :)
Founder of Scout's Barkery