Could Your Pup Have a Food Allergy?

Your pup seems to be itching nonstop lately, and you know it's not fleas. Could it be a food allergy?
Dogs can have allergies just like people can. Certain breeds are more prone to them than others, but any breed can develop them at any stage of life.

What are the symptoms?

Some of the signs to watch out for when trying to determine if your dog could have a food allergy are:

  • itchy, irritated skin, especially around the ears and paws
  • digestive issues like vomiting or diarrhea

What are the most common food allergens in dogs?

The most common food allergens in dogs are:

  • chicken
  • beef
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • wheat
  • corn
  • soy

What should I do?

The first course of action anytime your dog experiences any new symptoms should be to contact your vet. They may give your pup treatment to help with symptoms and can also help you put together a plan to help diagnose the allergy. This often involves using something called an elimination diet where a dog is fed a hypoallergenic diet for 8-12 weeks. This diet will consist of a novel protein that your dog hasn't consumed before like salmon, bison, venison, or duck. If your dog's allergy symptoms resolve during this time, your vet may diagnose a food allergy to an ingredient that your pup was previously consuming, or he or she may start reintroducing the ingredients from the previous diet to check for a reaction and confirm the allergy.

What am I supposed to feed my dog?

When your dog has a food allergy it can be hard, especially at first, to find food and treats that are safe for your pup. Work with your vet to determine the food option that is best for your dog. Hypoallergenic dog foods contain novel proteins and are often made from limited ingredients.

Finding healthy treats can be a struggle as many treats on the market contain common allergens or other undesirable ingredients like preservatives, salt, sugar, artificial colors, and unknown ingredients that have to be "Googled." It is important to read the labels meticulously and have a clear understanding of all ingredient sources. Be sure to pay special attention to ingredients like gelatin, glycerin, and "natural flavoring" as these are often derived from sources like chicken or beef even though there is no mention of it on the label!

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